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If you’re a passenger who has been involved in a road traffic accident, caused either by the driver of the vehicle you were in, or by a third party, you may be able to make a passenger injury claim.

It is the driver’s responsibility to drive safely and avoid any actions which would cause an accident and passengers have far more compensation rights than any of the drivers involved in an accident.

You can make a claim as an injured passenger even if you:

  • Knew the driver was using a handheld mobile phone while driving.
  • Knew the driver deliberately ignored road safety advice.
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I was a passenger who was injured in a car accident – who can I sue?

As passengers are almost never at fault for the accident, they are often able to recover compensation for their injuries.

Our personal injury team,has experience of successfully suing on behalf of passengers where the driver has lost control of their car and collided with trees, barriers etc (where the driver was at fault) and suing drivers who have driven into the back of the car the passenger was in and drivers who have failed to stop at junctions and traffic lights, to name but a few.

You may be able to sue:

  • The driver of the car you were in
  • The other driver (if it was a two vehicle accident)
  • Both drivers
  • The Motor Insurer Bureau if it was a hit and run accident or the driver responsible was uninsured

But the driver was a friend or a family member – who would pay damages?

The majority of motorists on the roads are insured so you should not feel uncomfortable when making a claim if it was a friend or family member who caused the accident.

The insurer for the vehicle will be involved in the process of your claim and they would pay out the compensation you are due and reimburse you for any rehabilitation treatment you have required (e.g. physiotherapy, chiropractor treatment, psychological therapy).

You should not feel guilty or awkward about making a claim for compensation as a result of someone else’s negligent actions. It is reasonable to pursue compensation regardless of the scenario and especially if you have suffered injuries that are impacting on your day-to-day life.

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What are the benefits of claiming?

There is the obvious benefit that if your claim is successful you will be awarded compensation for your injuries.

What is not as common knowledge is that you will also be able to claim for any rehabilitation treatment you have needed as a result of the accident and your injuries.

You can even claim compensation for loved ones who have needed to provide you with help, care and assistance whilst you have been recovering.

The main advantage to making a passenger injury claim is that we have access to a bank of private medical experts who will be able to review your injuries and provide detailed assessment of your injuries, what is required to help you get better faster and opinion on any long-term affects you may be left with and how best to manage any long-term conditions.

From our experience it is not usually the compensation that brings clients to us, it is usually the need to have answers when an injury stays with them and continues to impact their lives many months after their accident and they have exhausted any help the NHS is able to offer.

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How will my claim be funded?

We offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement as standard for all passenger injury claims. This means that if your claim is unsuccessful or fails then you will not be required to pay us anything. To discuss this funding option further please do not hesitate to contact our personal injury team.

Who do I contact for further information?

Please contact our friendly team on a no obligation basis to discuss your potential passenger injury claims. You can call us on 0161 945 3671or click here to use our contact form.

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