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Slip and Trip Solicitors

If you’ve suffered an injury following a slip, trip or fall you may be able to claim. Our lawyers have helped thousands of people to get the compensation they deserve.

How To Claim Slip, Trip Or Fall Compensation

The first step in claiming compensation is to contact our specialist lawyers for a free initial consultation.

We could help you make a claim if you’ve suffered an injury in a range of circumstances, including:

  • Tripping on uneven pavement
  • Slipping because a spill has not been cleaned up
  • Falling down stairs because of defective handrails or uneven surfaces
  • Falling from a raised height, such as a ramp or walkway.
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Who Is Responsible For My Accident?

If you’re in a public place, it is the responsibility of the owner to make sure it is safe.

If you’ve suffered an injury following a slip, trip or a fall you may be able to claim compensation from the organisation responsible. Commonly this would be a:

  • Council or local authority
  • Private business
  • Supermarket or shopping centre
  • School.

How Long Do I Have To Make A Claim?

You usually have three years from the date of your accident to make a claim.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule (particularly in the case of injuries to children), so please contact us to see if you have a claim.

It’s best to start your claim as soon as possible after your accident, as it makes it easier to gather evidence in support of your claim.

Can I Make A No Win No Fee Slip, Trip Or Fall Claim?

Most of the slip, trip and fall claims we handle are on a no win no fee basis. This means that there’s nothing to pay upfront, and nothing to pay if your case is unsuccessful.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Slip, Trip & Fall Injury?

There’s no set amount of compensation for an injury caused by a slip, trip or fall. The reason for this is because it really depends how the injury has impacted your life.

Two people can have an identical injury but be affected differently. For example a person who has a job involving manual work may not be able to return as quickly as an office worker.

Our lawyers have years of experience, and will help you claim the maximum compensation available for your injuries.

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How Can Compensation Help?

We know that slip, trip and fall injuries can have a serious impact on your life. In extreme cases they can result in permanent damage.

Compensation can help you:

  • Pay for any medical or care expenses you may have
  • Cover lost earnings (both now and in the future)
  • Get the rehabilitation you deserve.

Why Choose Us?

Our lawyers are experts in claims involving slips, trips and falls. We handle hundreds of cases every year and know exactly what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.

Alongside your compensation we can also help you with accessing care and support services so you can make the best recovery possible.

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To speak to one of our legal team on a no obligation basis about your accident, our ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement and whether you might have a claim please call us 0161 945 3671 on  or alternatively fill out our short online form.

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